PyroTex® clearly surpasses currently accepted standards.

  • flame and heat resistance
  • acid and alkali resistance
  • resistance against known solvents
  • resistance against UV rays

On top of these and probably the most intriguing features are:

  • it does not melt
  • it does not drip
  • it does not produce toxic fumes

PyroTex® can be delivered in 2.5den and 3.8den as fiber in 1.5-3.5in (coarser deniers available upon request).

Tops can be made available upon request.



We take great pride in the fact that the world renowned Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute certified that PyroTex® passes all requirements to be rated as Class II (direct skin contact) according to Eco Tex Standard 100.

We neither use antimony nor halogens in our process!